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Dr. Pavel Khromchenko, owner and Chief Operations Officer of First Class Physical Therapy, PC, has more than 22 years of experience in the field of Physical Therapy. Dr. Khromchenko completed his education at Stony Brook University, where he received his Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree. Dr. Khromchenko, a certified specialist in orthopedic and sports physical therapy as well as a McKenzie certified therapist, has extensive experience in manual therapy including the McKenzie, Maitland, Mulligan and other approaches. Dr. Khromchenko also specializes in treating complicated post-surgical and post-traumatic conditions. Under his direct supervision, First Class Physical Therapy, PC has become a renowned facility for out-patient rehabilitation with exceptional effective results and great patient satisfaction. Dr. Khromchenko has excellent expertise in making sure patients are comfortable and is well-able to interact with patients in multiple languages including Russian, English, and Hebrew. Dr. Khromchenko emphasizes treating and educating his patients on personal treatment and prevention strategies. By individualizing his patients’ care and treatment programs, Dr. Khromchenko fulfills his mission as a physical therapist.

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