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The mission of First Class Physical Therapy is to provide patients with an effective and research-based treatment approach that will address their functional limitations in a very compassionate and endearing manner. We are committed to delivering the highest quality care in a supportive, comfortable environment. With over 20 years of expertise in Physical Therapy and Comprehensive Rehabilitation, our physical therapy experts have been providing outstanding and diverse care to people of all ages, addressing a vast scope of physical therapy rehabilitation requirements following injury, surgery, or chronic conditions. 

Our advanced diagnostic techniques enable our physical therapists to identify the impairment sources and develop personalized plans for each patient using evidence-based treatment techniques that restore function and prevent disability. Our physical therapists use creative and analytical thinking to produce successful healing mechanisms for patients. We provide goal-oriented physical therapy programs that utilize multidisciplinary and holistic approaches to treatment, giving patients an active role in their own care.

Each of our locations is staffed with experienced senior physical therapists with extensive backgrounds in patient care and who are also knowledgeable about up-to-date, clinically proven treatment methods. Our goal is to individualize the care we provide to our patients to ultimately establish the best possible care for them. In this way, we fulfill our mission as a physical therapy community. We look forward to being a part of your rehabilitation journey and to helping you become a healthier you.

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