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Mahendra A. Gaikwad is a physical therapist who completed extensive education in physical therapy. He first received his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy at Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in 2008. Mahendra later received a Master’s in Physical Therapy at Loma Linda University followed by a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy at Touro College. Prior to his employment at First Class Physical Therapy, PC, Mahendra added to his physical therapy experience by working in locations such as St. Marks World, Gurudev Hospital, and Wockhardt Hospital. Among his many responsibilities at First Class Physical Therapy, Mahendra’s most prominent include managing the outpatient department and administering individualized treatments, modalities, and therapeutic exercise programs. These programs encompass active and passive ranges of motion, muscle reeducation, massages, heat or cold application, and electrical stimulation. Mahendra is thrilled to be a part of our team and believes that success in patient care stems from the treatment of patients at the individual level.

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